CTL offers 3D printing for non-makerspace members. We have a range of colours but these supplies vary so please contact us for details.

3D Printing Rates*

Rates are based on machine time (per hour) and the total weight of material used for the print (per gram).

(For DIY prints, please weigh your item and leave your payment at the library desk.)

Cornwall Tool Library Members

$1.oo / gram of material PLUS

$3.00/machine hour

Non-Member – General Public

$2.oo / gram of material PLUS

$5.00 / machine hour

3D Printer: Pursa i3 8″

Build Volume:  [8 X 8.0 X 8 IN]

For non-members or members who require staff assistance for their print job, we’re happy to help! If 3D formatting is required additional fees will be charged, please contact us for details at info@cornwalltoollibrary.com.

If you have a job ready

Email your prepared file in STL format to rony@cornwalltoollibrary.com.  Please allow 3-5 business days for order review, cost estimate and expected completion date.  Rates current as of March 1, 2014 and subject to change.